"I have rented a property from Mike for about 4 years now. He is dependable, reliable, and very professional in how he carries himself and operates. He is also a very understanding person and is willing to work with you and your situation (within reason). We have a great open line of communication. I never feel ignored when I bring up issues to Mike. He typically responds to any of my issues or concerns within a business day. He is very receptive to issues I bring to his attention. Mike really tries his best to get your issues resolved in a timely manner. Each time I have reached out to him, it has been a painless experience. He has replaced the water heater, kitchen stove, and is in the process of getting the washer repaired.

Lastly, Mike is a very nice and easy going guy. He can be really understanding and helpful to your needs as a tenant. You are in very good hands with Mike!"

- Dan Pham, Sacramento

"Trustworthy, approachable & reliable agent you count on. That is Mike Sanjsuren"
- Mylah La Cerna Quillopas, Roseville, CA

"Broker Mike helped me from A to Z. He helped me buy investment property in Sacramento and did all analyses that give much confidence to go ahead and invest. After the closing he prepared the property for rent , find good tenant managing it since 2015. I will definitely recommend broker Mike as your trustworthy, honest property manager. Good luck"
- Sergelen & Enkhjargal Balidar, Brisbane, CA

"As a property owner, I had lots of headaches dealing with repair, maintenance and collecting rent, preparing legal documents. Mike took over the properties and handled everything at high level of professionalism, taken all my burdens. He is just a phone call away for any of my questions and concerns. Transfer my rent on time and provide nice and clean financial report. I am so glad that he is handling my investment property. He is # 1."
- SFR Invester Ish Battsooj, Palo Alto, CA

"I signed up with Skybridge Property Management 4 years ago, and couldn’t be more pleased. I had never rented out any property before, and was apprehensive… after all this is our home! An example of their care… last month our renters called water heater leakage. He handled it and fixed it all within 24 hours. Great. If you are thinking of leasing out your property, I don’t know how you could do any better than Mike Sanjsuren with Skybridge Property Management."
- Erka Tognin, San Francisco, CA